Why Invest in Property in Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh has a collection of the best holiday resorts and real estate objects in the Red Sea. Not to mention its diving paradise, Sharm's underwater protectorates are among the best in the world, a haven for divers and snorkelers alike. There are two golf courses near our resorts in Nabq Bay and the beach is never far away.

Sharm El Sheikh and the Red Sea Riviera has excellent climate with sunshine all year around. The weather is warm and dry with very low humidity making the region a favorable destination for most Europeans. Average winter temperature approximately 24 degrees Centigrade.

Living in Sharm El Sheikh is cheap and affordable compared to major European cities. Exchange rates are high against the Egyptian Pound making it the perfect place to have a second home under the sun. Gasoline for example, is only about 17 pence per liter in Egypt.

The economy of Sharm El-Sheikh has flourished in the past two years, and real estate prices and investment returns have increased by about 10% to 20% annually, especially in projects located in the park, which guarantees the stability and stability of the value of your investments.
And future projects in the Sharm El-Sheikh development plan in the future in the NEOM system
In partnership with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and the city of Sharm el-Sheikh
And in the plan is an international amusement park, a car racing track, and an international yacht marina, which includes villas and residential units on islands, King Salman University, and a racing track for horses and camels.

With Sharm El Sheikh getting more popular by the day, people are coming from all over the world to see it. This influx of tourists have created a booming market for holiday home buyers which in return have pushed the competition amongst the property developers. You can find some of the best deals here on residential homes with some of them starting as low as 19,000 GBP.

Sharm El-Sheikh Real Estate Marketing Company allows you to choose to hand over your property to the resort management headquarters, if you will not use your property throughout the year, which brings you immediate profit, with an expected revenue of 10% annually.
In addition to the increase in the 2023 real estate price

Egypt's economical safeguard is a benefit for investors as in Egypt: Egyptian Banks do not issue credit cards, only debit cards (which means the money already exist in account to spend from). No mortgages on properties (newly introduced in 2008, but with a lot of approved and studied safe guards and regulations). The lack of availability of credit has ensured that Egypt has not been affected by the world wide credit crunch and the banking economy is still strong, safe and secure. Bank interest rates offered varies between 22 to 25% per year tax free and all Egyptian operating Banks are covered 100% by the central bank of Egypt, which is the one of the main reasons why investors are moving their finances to buy properties and open bank accounts in Egypt over the past 12 months since the credit crunch began.

  • Those looking for holidays available many airlines, such as EgyptAir, Nile Air, Cairo Air for domestic and international flights, with transit flights from all Arab and European countries.


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